The Beer

The Duke of Kent Hotel boasts one of the most expansive range of beers on tap throughout the Wagga region. Our exciting variety of craft, local and imported beer currently offers you 22 different taps to choose from. We have the perfect summer combination for your Sunday afternoon with a newly installed bar on the back deck – The Deck is the ideal, scenic spot to enjoy a refreshing schooner while listening to live acoustic sets.

We have maintained our selection of celebrated originals;

Carlton Black
Carlton Draught
Carlton Dry
Carlton Mid

Great Northern Original Lager
Great Northern Super Crisp Lager
Victoria Bitter
Melbourne Bitter
Tooheys New

whilst offering you many more craft, local and import beers to enjoy!

Asahi Dry
Asahi Black
New England Pale Ale
Veteran Brewing Co Lager
Yenda Pale Ale

Looking for something else?

Biggie Juice
Canadian Club & Dry
Pressman’s Original Apple Cider
Rusty YAK

The Duke also has a comprehensive listing of both local and imported wines and a full range of spirits available.